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Conflict Management for Leaders and Supervisors

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Kate Brinko (profile)

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Course Description

Whenever two are more are gathered…conflict is inevitable! Individuals have different personalities, priorities, needs, and perceptions—and these can clash in the workplace. If ignored, conflicts can lead to unprofessional communication and behavior, increased stress, decreased job satisfaction, and lower productivity.

When workplace disagreements arise, using conflict resolution skills creates a positive, healthy, and creative workplace. Come learn how successful leaders deal with workplace conflicts in a calm and respectful manner.

Facilitated by Kate Brinko, Director, Office of Conflict Management Services

About the Course

Learning Community: Human Resources
Workshop Type: HRS Employee Development

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify your preferred way of dealing with conflict
  • Recognize the five ways people deal with conflict
  • Articulate six steps to resolving conflict
  • Practice what you have learned


  • **Please bring a smartphone or other device from which you can access the internet.

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