Center for Academic Excellence (FAD)

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  • Amy Cheney
  • Rachel Clark
  • Mary Beth McKee
  • Tara Strickland
  • Tracy Smith
  • Thomas Van Gilder
  • Crystal Weisner
  • Jamie Parson
  • Sarah Arrington
  • Brandy Bryson
  • Susan Colby
  • Megan Higgins
  • Brian Laws
  • Lindsay Masland
  • Gregory McClure
  • Lillian Nave
  • Reeves Shulstad
  • Krista Terry
  • Denise Cowardin

The Center for Academic Excellence is the university's lead teaching and learning resource for faculty and staff. The CAE is dedicated to growing excellence in teaching and learning and supporting faculty and student success. Our office provides workshops, courses, and resources covering a variety of pedagogical and technological topics in addition to faculty career support. The CAE Spring 2021 Schedule at a Glance contains an overview of all of our faculty development offerings and resources for the spring semester. Our faculty champions have helped us tremendously throught the pandemic - please feel free to reach out to them for support as well.

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