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Course name, Intermediate Drupal 7 Training

Drupal Training Type of course Drupal User Training

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This workshop builds on the Introduction to Drupal 7 workshop by learning how to build and edit columned page layouts with panels, and how to build webforms and access the submitted results.

In addition, users will learn how to add Google content, such as Calendars and YouTube videos, to a Drupal 7 site.

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  • Create and edit panel content
  • Create and edit webforms
  • Access and download webform results
  • Embed Google Calendars and YouTube video content


  • Introduction to Drupal workshop must have been completed.
  • Your Drupal website must have been completed and taken live by the Web Services.
  • You will need basic computer skills to navigate the Internet and use common screen controls.
  • If your unit is in Student Development, please contact Electronic Student Services for website needs:


  • Erika Hudspeth

Please contact a course administrator for additional information.