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Agile Teaching Academy

Center for Academic Excellence (FAD) Type of course Teaching and Learning

The Appalachian Agile Teaching Academy is an asynchronous course aimed at helping faculty design a highly adaptable and inclusive course utilizing online, hybrid, and f2f components. Faculty will think through important design considerations over the course of four modules and will explore questions such as:

  • How can I design course components for maximum flexibility, regardless of teaching format?
  • How can I organize my course for maximum student success?
  • What is a good assignment and assessment structure for a flexible course?
  • How can I align instructional activities and assessments to learning goals to ensure my students are mastering important objectives?
  • Am I making teaching choices that are inclusive of a wide range of student needs in a flexible environment?

Faculty can expect to spend approximately 2-3 hours per week for a total of 8-12 hours.

Next class: Monday, May 17

This workshop provides an overview of the AsULearn online grade book. Whether you grade with a point system or assign percentage weights to items or categories, this workshop will get you started. Exporting grades to Excel or importing grades may be discussed, if time permits.

Next class: Monday, May 24

The global outbreak of coronavirus has created significant challenges for higher education faculty and staff with a greater impact on women. Our current realities have affected us both personally and professionally. Join us in this session as we share our experiences as well as our aspirations for building and transitioning into a new normal that will sustain us into the future.

Next class: Thursday, June 10

Breathing and Meditation Practice

Human Resources Type of course HR Personal Development

Introduction to and practice of the Wim Hof breathing method (30min to 45min). There will be a short description of benefits from the Wim Hof Method of breathwork and meditation.

Following breathwork will be a 10 to 15 min. silent meditation.

Facilitated by Matthew Cooper, Counseling for Faculty and Staff

Next class: Monday, May 17

This two-part workshop is aimed at faculty who want to create a short 1-2 minute video that acts as a course video trailer. A course trailer is a short, invitational, and engaging video offering a brief description of your course and its significance using images, multimedia, or special effects, similar to a movie trailer. Making a course trailer helps you set a personal tone while inviting students to join you on a course journey.

This two-part workshop will take place on Wed, May 26 and Wed, June 2. The time will be 12-1 pm.

Session1 - Discuss about the value and purpose of a course trailer and how to creatively relay that information. We will explore the process for creating a video including possible tools to use create and edit video, scripting and finding inspiration for creating an engaging video that draws students into the process. We will also look at some sample course video trailers.

Session 2 - Demonstrate how to use various tools within Screencast-o-matic to create or import video, make edits, add text over video and more.

Next class: Wednesday, May 26

Early Career Writing Retreat

Center for Academic Excellence (FAD) Type of course Professional Development

Early Career Faculty are invited to join us for a virtual writing retreat. There's no better feeling going into a semester break than the one you get when you can check a writing project off of your to-do list!

We'll meet for four days to make some major headway on the scholarly project(s) of your choice. We'll set goals, examine time management strategies, consider accountability frameworks, and of course, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! Past participants have used the retreat to complete manuscript revisions, begin outlining a new project, finish a chapter, progress on dissertations, and more.

Each day will start with check-ins, goal-setting, and sharing writing/time management strategies via Zoom. Then, we'll break off into groups and work according to your individual preference--either in breakout rooms (with or without cameras), in the main room (with or without cameras), or off of Zoom altogether. We'll have periodic check-ins for accountability and to celebrate progress.

You do not need to be available for all retreat hours/days to participate. Once you register, we'll contact you with more information. So, come join us to get some writing off of your plate!

Please note that you do not need to register for all days—that's just a funky feature of the Workshop Scheduler. Registering for one gets you access to the full retreat.

Next class: Monday, May 17

Faculty Diversity Recruitment Training

Human Resources Type of course Diversity and Inclusion

Newly formed faculty search committees are requested to register. Registration is not required for Internal searches. Search committee training will include familiarizing committee members with emerging practices in diversity hiring, including outreach efforts and training intended to reduce the impact of unconscious bias throughout the search process.

Please Note: These sessions are limited to Faculty Search Committees only. Training for all other search committees on campus can be found under Search Committee Guidance and Strategies.

Next class: Thursday, May 27

This workshop introduces users to the process for submitting travel authorizations and travel reimbursement requests using the App Travel & Expense application. Additional features of the application will also be demonstrated, including automated approval workflow, digital receipts, and delegate assignments.

This intro to App Travel & Expense will take place virtually using Zoom. A link will be provided to registrant's email address prior to the workshop beginning.

Next class: Tuesday, May 18

This introductory workshop will cover the basics of using Kaltura to host video's for delivery in AsULearn.

This is intended for faculty and staff that have no prior understanding of Kaltura, but may have used Panopto, YouTube, Zoom Cloud Recordings or uploaded MP4's directly in AsULearn and want to learn about an easier, more efficient method for using video in AsULearn.

Next class: Thursday, May 20