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This workshop will examine the benefits and challenges of using our campus’ Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) with an emphasis on student engagement, participation, and group work. The workshop includes hands-on instruction and demonstration of the technology located in these classrooms as well as “3rd party” technologies such as Google Drive, Google Jamboard, and Apple iPad. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops and an HDMI adapter if they have them.

PART ONE: Introduction & Fundamental Pedagogy The de-centered classroom / The metamorphosing classroom Encouraging discussion and participation Group work

PART TWO: Using Digital Technology In-the-classroom technology (screens / main switchboard) Google Drive Tablets + Jamboard

Facilitator: Dr. Brent Alan James

Registration at all locations is open to any interested faculty.

Next class: Friday, October 29

The AsULearn Essentials course is a five-week, lightly facilitated, asynchronous, cohort-based course aimed at helping faculty become acquainted with Appalachian State's Learning Management System (LMS) AsULearn. Faculty will gain experience using AsULearn from a student's perspective, as well as practice using some of the most common educational technology tools in their own AsULearn course. Deliverables for this course have been designed to assist faculty with creating and building their own AsULearn course.

Upon successful completion of all four learning modules, faculty will earn the AsULearn Essentials Badge indicating that they have mastered the basic functions of the LMS.

Next class: Monday, November 15

Basic CMS Administration

University Communications Type of course Scala (Digital Signage) User Training

This workshop is required for users who will be working in the Scala Content Management System (CMS).

This workshop introduces users to the Scala Content Management System (CMS) at Appalachian.

Users who will be uploading media, managing content and/or maintaining a Scala screen(s) will need to attend a session of this workshop prior to being granted access to Scala CMS.

Also appropriate for anyone wanting a refresher.

Next class: Friday, November 5

Breathing and Meditation Practice

Human Resources Type of course HR Personal Development

Introduction to and practice of the Wim Hof breathing method (30min to 45min). There will be a short description of benefits from the Wim Hof Method of breathwork and meditation.

Following breathwork will be a 10 to 15 min. silent meditation.

Facilitated by Matthew Cooper, Counseling for Faculty and Staff

Next class: Wednesday, October 27

Students in STEM classes know they are solving difficult problems, yet they are often less aware of the complex analytical skills that they simultaneously acquire. Furthermore, many traditional STEM assignments favor computational approaches, which may encourage students to focus on memorization and imitation thereby avoiding conceptual connections vital to STEM learning. Student reflection makes this higher-order thinking visible and strengthens connections and expertise across courses and disciplines. Guided by literature in reflection, this learning community will give participants the opportunity to discuss the role of reflection in STEM student learning, design and review reflective prompts that can be incorporated into their classrooms, and explore models that build student accountability for quality reflection into course design.

Next class: Monday, November 22

Scholars and teachers in higher ed today contend with a set of conditions, controversies, and conflicts over campus climate, free expression, academic freedom, and the nature and purpose of our work. Should we be as “objective” as possible or should we be devoted to political causes and activist goals? Are we subject matter experts and authorities in our classrooms, or should we be breaking down power inequalities and finding ways to establish solidarity with our students? This Learning Community will read and discuss a number of key articles and books related to these debates.

Next class: Friday, November 12

Designing a Liquid Syllabus

Center for Academic Excellence (FAD) Type of course Teaching and Learning

Learn how to create an attractive, accessible, multimedia syllabus to engage your students and share class information prior to the term. A 'liquid' syllabus is simple to create, and this session will share not only 'how-tos' but some great examples from faculty.

Next class: Wednesday, November 17

Zoom Session: November 3, 1:00-2:30pm

In partnership between the IE Team and the Office of Disability Resources, Dr. Brandy Bryson (Director of Inclusive Excellence) and Maranda Maxey (Director of the Office of Disability Resources) are offering a workshop on the intersections of disability as identity and accessibility as inclusion. This workshop pushes us past a compliance-only approach and integrates accessibility with inclusion. This session will explore definitions of disability, identity, accessibility and inclusion; explain the primary models of disability; explore disability identity; and offer strategies for creating accessible, inclusive, and disability-affirming classroom spaces.

Next class: Tuesday, October 26

The Equity-Centered Leadership Chair Series is a multiple session workshop delivered throughout the semester to chairs and assistant chairs. Each session provides practical, research-based approaches to diversity leadership in academic departments based on the book "The Department Chair as a Transformational Diversity Leader". Attending all sessions in the series is desired but not required.

Session One Topic: "Classroom & Curriculum" September 7, 2021; 12:00-1:30pm 415 Rough Ridge, Plemmons Student Union

Session Two Topic : "Department Climate & Retention" November 9, 2021; 12:00-1:30pm 415 Rough Ridge, Plemmons Student Union

Session Three Topic: "Co-Curriculum & Research Agenda" December 2, 2021; 12:00-1:30pm 242 Linville Gorge, Plemmons Student Union

Next class: Tuesday, November 9

Faculty Diversity Recruitment Training

Human Resources Type of course Diversity and Inclusion

Newly formed faculty search committees are requested to register.

Search committee training will include familiarizing committee members with emerging practices in diversity hiring, including outreach efforts and training intended to reduce the impact of unconscious bias throughout the search process.

**Please Note: These sessions are limited to Faculty Search Committees only. Registration is not required for Internal searches. Training for all other search committees on campus can be found under Search Committee Guidance and Strategies.

Next class: Friday, October 29

Faculty Transfer Mentor Training

Transfer Admissions & Engagement Type of course Transfer Faculty Mentors

A Faculty Transfer Mentor is a faculty or staff member interested in developing supportive, academic relationships with prospective and new Appalachian transfer students. Mentors, ideally in the student's area of study, will provide help in understanding the curriculum and the student's remaining required coursework as well as provide guidance, support, and referral to resources that will benefit new students in a new environment. Mentors have the ability to influence, encourage, and guide transfer students to enhance their academic success. During the training participants will learn about the characteristics and needs of transfer students, the transfer student population at Appalachian, and what you can do to support transfer students and to be a successful transfer mentor.

Next class: Tuesday, October 26

Interactive Media

Center for Academic Excellence (LTS) Type of course Tools for Teaching

Interactive Media Workshop This workshop will introduce participants to a variety of different technology tools that can be used to increase student engagement and promote active learning with your course media. These tools can be applied for fully online courses or as learning resources for more traditional in-person course modalities. Come learn how you can get your students to engage with your course materials outside of class so they are more prepared for discussions and in-class activities.

This workshop will cover the following tools available in AsULearn:

  1. Kaltura Media Assignment
  2. Kaltura Quiz
  3. VoiceThread - Watch and Comment Assignments for watching pre-recorded videos
  4. H5P - Course Presentation with quizzing and Interactive Videos

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to...

Next class: Tuesday, October 26

Intro to Scala: Media Design

University Communications Type of course Scala (Digital Signage) User Training

Any area can create and share appropriate university-wide messages with campus. Having a Scala system is not required.

This workshop introduces users to the guidelines for creating and sharing digital slides at Appalachian, including digital signage slide specs, designing slides and best practices, and side sharing and distribution.

This workshop is appropriate for anyone who wants to create digital slides for distribution to campus.

Next class: Wednesday, October 27

Pivot User Training

Office of Research Type of course Office of Research

This training session will help new users of the Pivot funding search database:

Next class: Monday, November 15

As part of our decennial reaccreditation process, Appalachian will initiate a new Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to take effect by Fall 2024. In Spring 2022, we will have an open call for proposals, and this workshop will give you the information and context you need to submit your idea and make a significant and lasting impact on the University. The QEP

(1) is a topic identified through ongoing, comprehensive and evaluation processes, (2) has a broad-based support of institutional constituencies, (3) focuses on improving specific student learning outcomes and/or student successes, (4) commits resources to initiate, implement and complete the QEP, and (5) includes a plan to assess achievement.

Proposals will be brief - two or three pages - and will address the overarching theme of Innovation and Engagement. Submissions will also include a short video presentation.

Next class: Tuesday, November 9

Staff Search Committee Guidance and Strategies

Human Resources Type of course HR Employee Development

Have a search coming up for an EHRA or SHRA position? Are you a newly appointed Search Chair or need a refresher course? This information session will cover established recruitment practices that are thoughtful and proactive, promoting an efficient search to achieve successful hires for Appalachian State University.

Topics covered will include: Implicit Bias, Sourcing/Recruitment/Advertising, Search Committee Composition, Evaluative Criteria & Applicant Screening, Interviewing, Reference Checks, and Communication with Applicants.

The last portion of the workshop will be dedicated to Questions and Answers.

Next class: Tuesday, October 26