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Breathing and Meditation Practice

Human Resources Type of course HR Personal Development

Introduction to and practice of the Wim Hof breathing method (30min to 45min). There will be a short description of benefits from the Wim Hof Method of breathwork and meditation.

Following breathwork will be a 10 to 15 min. silent meditation.

Facilitated by Matthew Cooper, Counseling for Faculty and Staff

Next class: Monday, June 14

This introductory workshop will cover the basics of using Kaltura to host videos for delivery in AsULearn.

This is intended for faculty and staff that have no prior understanding of Kaltura, but may have used Panopto, YouTube, Zoom Cloud Recordings or uploaded MP4's directly in AsULearn and want to learn about an easier, more efficient method for using video in AsULearn.

Next class: Wednesday, July 7

Liquid Syllabus

Center for Academic Excellence (FAD) Type of course Teaching & Learning with Technology

A "Liquid Syllabus" is a website version of your syllabus that helps students understand what is important about your class and how to be successful. Join Lillian Nave to learn how and why you'll want to retool your syllabus and send it out to students before classes start! It is a quick and easy way to send out information to your students and establish a warm atmosphere from the very beginning!

Next class: Tuesday, June 15

Staff Search Committee Guidance and Strategies

Human Resources Type of course HR Employee Development

Have a search coming up for an EHRA or SHRA position? Are you a newly appointed Search Chair or need a refresher course? This information session will cover established recruitment practices that are thoughtful and proactive, promoting an efficient search to achieve successful hires for Appalachian State University.

Topics covered will include: Implicit Bias, Sourcing/Recruitment/Advertising, Search Committee Composition, Evaluative Criteria & Applicant Screening, Interviewing, Reference Checks, and Communication with Applicants.

The last portion of the workshop will be dedicated to Questions and Answers.

Next class: Wednesday, June 30