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Campus Connections are short 1-hour meet ups at various locations around campus. These events are designed to inspire you and the students you serve to become engaged campus citizens and form lasting relationships. The investment you make now will serve you well as you continue your service at AppState!

Join us for this exciting campus connection event to learn about the Fermentation Sciences program, community outreach activities, Pilot Plant for students, and ASCF Service Lab.

LOCATION INFORMATION - If you're facing the main entrance to the building where you would access the student housing, follow the building around to the right and you'll see signs for Fermentation Sciences. Once you see the small parking lot and loading area, you've found it. You'll see the large Fermentation Sciences sign above the portico where the forklift is parked. Come in through those double doors.

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  • ​​Educate new employees about the programs and services available to them and the students they serve.
  • ​​Provide an opportunity for new employees to network with others.
  • ​​Encourage employee engagement.


  • This Campus Connection is open to ALL employees.


  • Tina Chaffin
  • Alyson Ebaugh
  • Brett Taubman

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