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Course name, Analyzing Your Data: Group Comparisons

Office of Research Type of course Design and Data Analysis

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Oftentimes, our research questions seek to explore differences occurring between a number of groups. Different types of analyses are better equipped to address such inquiries, depending on the number of groups being compared and the nature of our study’s design (i.e., within- and/or between-subjects). Come join us at this workshop for a refresher on, or introduction to, commonly used statistical tests specific to group comparisons, with a focus on t-tests and ANOVAs.


  • Understand broad differences and similarities between t-tests and ANOVAs
  • Formulate a research question that is suitable for a t-test or ANOVA
  • Run a one-sample and independent-samples t-test in SPSS
  • Run a one-way and mixed ANOVA in SPSS