Mail and Data Merge With Google

Mail and Data Merge With Google

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Mail merge, or more accurately data merge, is the process of creating documents, emails, and labels customized using a database of information. Microsoft Office has a solid data merge for documents and labels, but merging to emails is cumbersome. Most Google Add-ons for email and document merges have license or subscription costs for generating merges with more than just a few data records. Scripts for Google Docs and Sheets can provide basic data merging limited only by the general Gmail quantity limitations. Rather than trying to finagle Google Docs to create label templates, Avery Labels provides an app to create labels from your data in Google Sheets.

  • create an Email merge with Google tools
  • create a Document merge with Google Docs and Sheets
  • create a Mailing Label merge with Avery tools
  • Familiarity with Google Mail, Sheets, and Docs
  • Familiarity with web browsing
  • Mark H. Suggs

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