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Mark H. Suggs (profile)

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Course Description

This workshop will help you get started using Qualtrics, a professional survey tool available to campus users. This application replaced SelectSurvey.

NOTE: If you only need to do very basic surveys and questionnaires, you may consider using Google Forms instead. For more complex surveys and serious research, Qualtrics is better suited.
If any Google Forms workshops are scheduled, you can register for one here: https://workshops.appstate.edu/detail.aspx?key=1820

About the Course

Learning Community: Center for Academic Excellence (LTS)
Workshop Type: WebTools

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Log into your Appstate.edu Qualtrics account
  • Create a survey, questionnaire, or data collection form
  • Distribute your survey
  • View the data from your survey
  • Share your survey and or data


  • You should be able to log into your Appstate.edu account
  • You should be comfortable working on a computer and with a web browser

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