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Course name, AsULearn Essentials and Beyond

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The AsULearn Essentials course is a five-week, lightly facilitated, asynchronous, cohort-based course aimed at helping faculty become acquainted with Appalachian State's Learning Management System (LMS) AsULearn. Faculty will gain experience using AsULearn from a student's perspective, as well as practice using some of the most common educational technology tools in their own AsULearn course. Deliverables for this course have been designed to assist faculty with creating and building their own AsULearn course.

Upon successful completion of all four learning modules, faculty will earn the AsULearn Essentials Badge indicating that they have mastered the basic functions of the LMS.


  • Locate the settings in your AsULearn course and update your profile settings
  • Locate the settings for a course and select a format and set other course-level options.
  • Locate the course Announcement Forum and create a class post.
  • Locate Quickmail in AsULearn and send a message.
  • Create a post in our Q&A discussion forum.
  • Locate and add various resource tools in AsULearn to your sandbox course.
  • Determine which resource tools help you to best meet your course goals.
  • Apply the skills and knowledge you learn in this module to create your Welcome/Start Here section.
  • Locate the Grade Book in AsULearn and set up the grade book to match your grading scheme described in your syllabus.
  • Look up student grades by student or by assignment.
  • Enter overrides for single students or groups of students.




  • Sarah Arrington

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