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Course name, Parents of Young Children - Peer Mentoring for Staff

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Aug 16 (Fri), 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Section Id: August 16, 2024

Location: Career Development Center, PSU 222

  • Heather Mashburn
  • Holly McQueen
  • Laura Pell
  • Summer Wisdom


Vision: This group is intended to be a support network for staff with kids birth to eight years old. It can be challenging to work full-time and parent full-time, so let’s support each other as we chug along on this journey. We hope that this group offers an opportunity for members to share their experiences, recommend resources, celebrate milestones, commiserate about the challenges, and build relationships with other staff who are parents of young children. We hope that this group allows for community building among staff that are in the trenches of dirty diapers, tantruming toddlers, kids learning to read, and never ending laundry. This group is supportive of Queer and non-traditional family types and all parent (or kid) gender identities and expressions.

Intended Audience: Staff members with children between the ages of birth to 8 years.

Meeting Pattern: Bring-your-own lunch meetings from 12:00 - 1:30 on the following days: 3/8 - PSU 169 Three Top Mountain Room 3/15 - PSU 165 Elk Knob Room 4/12 - PSU 165 Elk Knob Room 5/17 - PSU 165 Elk Kno Room




  • Heather Mashburn
  • Holly McQueen
  • Laura Pell
  • Summer Wisdom

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