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Course name, Your Most Precious Real Estate: Capitalizing on Synchronous Class Time with Your Online Students

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success Type of course Professional Development

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If you've taught online, you know how important and sometimes challenging it can be to get and keep students engaged. Synchronous meetings can seem like the only way to connect with students in human ways for online courses - and having them can indeed be a key strategy. And yet, there are days when your students' cameras go off, discussions flag, and you wonder if you're just teaching to an empty Zoom. With this session, we'll talk through strategies to get that old buzz back that made you fall in love with teaching to begin with - and in a synchronous meeting. We'll brainstorm the best uses for those precious pieces of time with them. You'll capitalize on contagion. You'll find the magic in breakout rooms, and sharing documents. Mainly, you'll find your jam for connecting with students in synchronous online class meetings, and stop worrying about how to fill that time.

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