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Course name, Developing Your Education Abroad Budget

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University policies relevant to education abroad budgeting and payments to vendors are rapidly changing. This workshop is designed to help faculty better understand these new policies and procedures, as well as other university policies relevant to the financial aspects of faculty-led education abroad programs.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear from university administrators and to share best practices on developing and leading programs abroad with their peers.

These workshops will be held as "brown bag lunch" sessions. Participants are welcome to bring their own lunch for a great discussion in leading a study abroad program. Drinks will be provided.

Facilitators: Christopher Lytle and Mark Hagen, Office of International Education and Development


  • Describe new and existing university policies and procedures related to financial aspects of faculty-led education abroad programs.
  • Answer commonly asked questions on financial aspects of faculty-led programs abroad.
  • Apply best practices learned from fellow staff members.




  • Crystal Weisner

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