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Course name, Engaging Students Using UDL

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Student Success Type of course New Faculty Seminar Series

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*Note: This workshop series is ONLY available to new faculty members.

Are you interested in creating a successful course for your students, or making the one you are already teaching a better experience for everyone? Are you frustrated by students' poor performance? Just a few small, easy tweaks can mean a WORLD of difference to your students and their performance in your class. And it makes your life as an instructor much easier, too! Come learn about Universal Design for Learning strategies to streamline teaching whatever it is you want your students to learn.

Facilitator: Lillian Nave, AppSTAR


  • To design an alternate method of representing information to complement their instruction so students can better understand what they are learning.
  • Add an outcome to an existent assignment to provide multiple means for a student to demonstrate learning.
  • Devise a mission statement for an assignment, module or class to better engage students.




  • Crystal Weisner

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