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Course name, Sponsored Project Budget Prep & Planning

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Does the very thought of building a sponsored project budget fill you with dread? Are you worried you will forget an important item? Not sure what you can or can’t ask the sponsor to cover?

This workshop is designed for grant writers who would like to understand the basics of budget development, including policies which guide budget development and general budget terms applicable to a variety of federal , non-profit, and private sponsors (note: the workshop does not cover specific program budgets such as NIH modular budgets). We will also address individual workshop participants' questions about budget planning for specific projects.

Facilitators: Patricia Cornette and Roxie White, Office of Research: Sponsored Programs


  • Increase understanding of the basic concepts relative to budgets for externally sponsored projects.
  • Increase general knowledge of the policies that govern budgets for externally funded projects
  • Improve the ability to successfully and confidently develop budgets for externally sponsored projects at Appalachian




  • Crystal Weisner

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