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Mid-Career Faculty: Managing Energy, Not Time

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Crystal Weisner 

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Course Description

Mid-Career faculty often find themselves in ambiguous professional situations. Attempting to balance research and service along with teaching can fill up every hour of your day so that everything suffers, sometimes even your health. This workshop will provide a space to discuss issues mid-career faculty face navigating research, service, and teaching and to create a personal strategic plan that considers how you spend your energy rather than your time on projects/committees.

Dr. Reeves Shulstad, Hayes School of Music; Mid-Career Faculty Programming, Center for Academic Excellence

About the Course

Learning Community: Center for Academic Excellence (FAD)
Workshop Type: Career Development

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Discuss ways to reconceptualize your work through energy management rather than time management
  • Create a personal strategic plan that will allow you to focus your energy on research and service that will sustain your professional growth


  • This workshop will be catered to current Mid-Career Faculty members

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