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Course name, Grant Proposals: Educational Research Component

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Many funding requests for proposals, or RFPs, include research components that extend beyond project evaluation into investigating educational or engagement impacts. Creating a compelling research component, however, frequently requires the expertise of an educational researcher or a social scientist or similar. In this workshop, we will explore examples of funding RFPs that call for educational research components, share resources for recognizing current research questions in those areas, and consider campus or regional resources for building an appropriate team for such an investigation. Models for contextualizing the research component will be discussed, and examples will be shared. This workshop may be of particular interest to faculty who wish to expand their discipline-specific knowledge to include strategies for educational or engagement research.

Facilitator: Tracie Salinas, Mathematical Sciences


  • Recognize the intent of the educational or engagement components of RFPs in a particular discipline.
  • Explore beneficial resources for drafting the educational or engagement component of a grant.
  • Learn strategies for contextualizing the educational or engagement component of a grant of interest.




  • Crystal Weisner

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