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Course name, Reflection and Inclusive Teaching, Why You Matter

Offered by, Center for Academic Excellence (FAD) | Type of course, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

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Inclusive teaching methods and technologies are within easy reach as we try to make sure all students have equitable educational experiences in our classrooms; faculty are trying to “get it right”. In our push to implement teaching styles, tools, and inclusive language, it is easy to forget that teaching begins with you and all that you bring to your students and colleagues. In this session, we will explore reflective practices and how they contribute to an inclusive environment.


  • Explain the role of self-reflection in inclusive teaching.
  • Describe reflective practices and how they relate to an inclusive classroom.
  • Examine their personal aspects and identify how those aspects may affect the learning environment.
  • Implement at least one reflective practice and apply that knowledge to their teaching behaviors




  • Crystal Weisner

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