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Course name, Facilitating Difficult Classroom Conversations AppLC

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Do you find yourself overwhelmed and not sure how to respond when emotions get high in classroom discussions? Do you wonder how to respond when a student makes a statement that you worry might be difficult for other students to hear? Do you worry about how to draw boundaries while preserving relationships with students?

In this AppLC, we'll explore these topics and others so that you increase your comfort with difficult situations and conversations within your classroom. We'll do so through learning how specific conflict mediation skills can help you facilitate difficult conversations so that conflict becomes a resource for learning, not an end to a productive classroom experience.

Grounded in a body of work called Nonviolent Communication, you'll have opportunities to practice and develop skills with a cohort of peers. Rather than merely offering you a list of tips and tricks, within a combination of whole-group, peer-to-peer support, and one-on-one coaching experiences, you will have the opportunity to explore and develop specific discussion leading and classroom conflict mediation skills that you can directly apply to your work with students.

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  • Develop introductory mediating skills to mediate conflict between two students within a classroom encounter
  • Develop introductory mediating skills to mediate yourself when in conflict with a student
  • Develop and practicing how to express understanding of someone who is experiencing stress within conflict
  • Learn how to manage oneself through stress and conflict as it arises in the classroom
  • Develop empathic listening skills to focus on the details that underwrite conflict situations within the classroom